Success in Marriage: The Necessities from a Woman’s Perspective

Women are looking for open communication, affection, leadership, and security. When they sign on for “till death do us part,” they expect their husbands to provide them with those four things. As long as a woman feels she is being provided for, cared for, and protected, she will readily provide her husband with the respect and help he desires.

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Success in Marriage: The Necessities from a Woman’s

What a Woman Needs

Since women are all different, it is hard to say something that is supposed to be all inclusive. Yet, research has shown that women have (at least) these four basic needs:


Women are uniquely attuned to their husband’s level of emotional investment. If they don’t feel like their husbands are caring for them, insecurity sets in. A woman needs to know that her husband is paying attention to things that are important to her.

Men need to understand that women are quite dependent, emotionally at the very least, on their husbands. In truth, when a woman knows she is loved, there is no limit to what she will do to make her husband’s life better. Learn more.


Praise and adoration will always make a woman blossom. Compliments can never be overdone, as long as they are sincere. People will seek praise wherever they can get it because no one wants to feel insecure and bitter. It is the husband’s job to ensure that his wife knows she is admired and appreciated. If he will pour those thoughts and emotions into her, she will reflect that love and respect back to him.


Men must keep their hearts faithful to their wives. This means they need to avoid looking at other women in ways that would make their wives jealous or insecure. A woman needs to believe that her husband thinks she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

Men should let their wives know that they only desire her. And, in case you were wondering, porn is a definite no-no when it comes to ensuring that your wife understands how precious she is to you. Read more.


Financial security is very important to women. They don’t want to have to stress out about whether or not the bills will get paid. They need to know that their husbands are going to work very hard to provide for them and their family.

Men need to be aggressive about seeking jobs that will best provide for their families.  And, they need to work really hard at what they do to guarantee there will always be secure provision. When a woman knows she is going to be taken care of, all the things in the home will run more smoothly. Click here for more information.

Women can make their husbands feel like kings. In fact, most of them want to do that because they love the men they marry. But, it’s up to the husband to provide the emotional security she needs, if he wants to reign supreme.

Managing the Difficult Conversations in Your Relationship

As a relationship proceeds and love between two individuals starts to form, it often signals that it is time to have some difficult conversations. While early relationship talks tend to stay lighthearted, there are a number of topics that must be discussed before taking things to the next level. If your relationship is moving into that stage, here are some conversations that must be handled.

Managing the Difficult Conversations in Your Relationship

Family and Children

It is important not to assume that everyone feels the same way about starting a family or having children as you do. For one, there are many individuals who either can’t or don’t want to have their own children. In some cases, adoption or other options may be acceptable, while some adults choose to never become a parent. Since people can feel very strongly about their preferences, it is important to cover the topic relatively early once it appears the relationship otherwise has long-term potential.

Similarly, if you currently have children or provide care to a family member, and have not yet discussed this fact, then this is a conversation you must have. Just as some people don’t want to have their own children, some are not comfortable with the idea of raising another person’s kids either. The same can apply to caring for elderly family members or those with disabilities.

Health and Medical Conditions

Depending on your age and present health, there may not be much to discuss here. However, many people have serious health concerns or medical conditions that should likely be disclosed before a relationship gets too serious. For example, issues that affect your fertility may be relevant if the idea of children in the future is still on the table. Notably degenerative conditions should be covered if the effects of the condition will become apparent over time.

Anything contagious, such as STDs, should also be addressed. Often, your partner will be at risk of contracting the illness if you currently have on. If you aren’t sure if you currently have an STD, you can explore NYC STD test options to see if you have anything that should be addressed prior to the relationship becoming more serious.

Future Plans and Goals

While discussing the future in general seems easy, it can be difficult if you have some specific ideas that may not suit everyone. For example, if you want to spend time volunteering in a third-world nation, which might not appeal to everyone. That means you may be put in a position to choose should the relationship continue. In some cases, differences such as these create little conflict, though others may consider them deal breakers.

Similarly, if you intend to move to a new city, pursue new educational opportunities or career paths, or prefer to stay right where you are, it is vital to see if the other person feels similarly.

Previous Relationships

While discussing every prior relationship you may have had might be excessive, covering the most prominent experiences is wise. If you were once married or were part of a long-term relationship, the basics may need to be disclosed. In some cases, this demonstrates whether you have notable experience in the relationship department, while others simply help eliminate the risk of future surprises should your partner find out another way. Regardless, covering key aspects of your romantic life is often wise.

Romance on your wedding day

Your wedding day is most probably one of the most memorable days in you and your partner’s life. It is important to make it special by bringing romance to life. Wedding nowadays aren’t too extravagant unless you are a well-known celebrity. Simplistic can also be romantic by doing a couple of things that will make it special. This can be done by selecting the right location for your reception or by using the right decoration for the celebration. Your day should be a special memory that includes your time together before you took the giant step into starting your life together.

A great idea is to have your reception at the location where your hubby proposed to you. This is a special place where this journey took its course and it will be great to share this with your loved ones. The place where you got engaged can inspire your wedding theme for example if you got engaged at the Eiffel Tower you can settle for a Parisian themed wedding. Click here to take a look at themed weddings.

Romance on your wedding day

Make a website for your wedding. Take a look at this Wedding Website Builder to start sharing your experience with everyone. You can upload anything on this site including planning and photos. You can also blog about your wedding and the wedding plans on your website. This is a romantic way to share this special time with your loved ones. Lighting really sets the stage for romance so it would be a hit if you add beautiful lighting if you are having your reception at night. Normal fairy lights can look just as magical so you don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune.

Bring poetry and love quotes back to live by reciting poems with your vows. This is a great way to express your love to your favorite person. There are many great poems online that have been written by the great romance writers like Oscar Wild. This is a traditional way to express love and will be appreciated by your guests and create that romantic moment between you and your future husband or wife. Click here to take a look at some amazing love poems.

Make your photographs interactive in other words make them fun. Instead of posing for formal photographs in a formal setting take fun and natural photos outside in a beautiful nature setting. It makes a great shot if husband and wife run towards the camera, barefoot and holding hands. Your photos are the memories of your special day that you are going to be looking at for years to come so it is important to make these timeless and fun. It is also important to note that candles warm the room and everyone’s hearts. Candles are romantic on a regular date and will compliment your wedding reception just as much. Candlelight creates an ambience and an environment of romance. Everyone looks good in candlelight too which is just another bonus.

Ways You Can Move On From Your Ex Best Friend

You may think that you only have to move on when your love leaves you but it can be harder when your friendship with a person that you love and trusted becomes over too. Your best friend may be the person who has stuck by you through thick and thin but because of the circumstances that you have experienced lately, you cannot help but part ways.

The first thing that you have to remember that friends always come and go. There are some friends who do not get into arguments but your relationships with them have fallen apart. There are times when one friend does not even know why the other friend does not want to talk anymore. When you want to get over a friend, you have to prepare yourself for some heartache. It is going to hurt but you can make it happen.

Ways You Can Move On From Your Ex Best Friend

In order to move on from your ex best friend, here are some things you can do:

  1. Admit that your friendship is already over. If you are always going to be in denial about the relationship then you will continue to reach out to your friend even if nothing is happening anymore. This should not be the case. You have to accept that it is over. Perhaps you can look back and realize that you may be better off without your best friend even if it hurts.
  2. Take a vacation. When you go on vacation, you will have the opportunity to spend it with your other friends or perhaps you can go alone. This will give you the chance to meet new people. When you go on a ski trip, do not forget to check out ski masks from you will see a lot of ski masks there that can protect you from the ice, snow and even the cool, bitter air.
  3. Take time to become sad and mourn over the lost friendship. It is okay that you will feel sad and forlorn for a certain period of time. You can take time to be by yourself and contemplate over what you have lost. This will help you cope better. The time will come when you will realize that you cannot be sad forever because life goes on.
  4. Forgive yourself. You may find it hard to let go because you feel that it is your fault but accept that you are human and you make mistakes. If your old best friend does not want to be your friend anymore, it is not your loss. You can always find someone else who will understand you better.
  5. Get a new hobby. Having a hobby will keep your mind off things. Perhaps you can take up calligraphy or you may rediscover your long lost passion for art. It will always help if you can be happy for a while and forget about your loss.

Losing your best friend is never going to be easy. If you have just grown apart, you have to accept that you have both changed and sadly, you are not a good fit for each other anymore.…

The most romantic gift ideas for your loved one

There are many gifts that are great to give to the lady that you love but a lot of them are predictable and if you are going for the woo factor you need to think outside the box. Buying your loved one a gift that is personal will mean so much more than something that is extravagant and costs a fortune. If you really take the time to think about what you give to her and really study what she likes you might just make her day or even better her year.

Reserved parking

It is a known fact that finding parking in the city is a nightmare. A great gift for the person that you love is to get them a reserved parking space which means they will never have to drive around looking for parking or have to overpay for a spot again. Don’t let your loved one get towed away.

The most romantic gift ideas for your loved one

The gift of reading

If the one you love likes reading you might want to invest in their favorite book titles and read it with them. Make an occasion of it by arranging a picnic where you can read to her under your favorite tree. Reading is an old tradition and whether it is science fiction or poetry she will love it.

Thoughtful quotes

If your partner is the very romantic type you can do something for them that won’t cost you anything. Grab a jar and write out a couple of notes, one for every day of the year. This will take you a bit of time but the romantic messages will just make their day. Click here for some great love messages that you can write on the notes. Words are powerful and it will mean the world to her every day.

Get personal

Say for example your girl is a series fan you should make or find a give that is related to that. Whether you paint a pattern on a gift or give them a CSI kit make the most of it by letting them know you listen and you care about their favorite things. Click here to take a look at TV series memorabilia.

Home sweet home

This is a pricey option but with lots of woo factor. Take a look at we buy houses Jacksonville to put your house on the market and perhaps find a new and more romantic nest for the two of you. The site also offers you lots of information about real estate that you might find helpful.  Surprising your love with a new home will totally blow her away.

Friday the 13th

Instead of being afraid and jinxed by this day send your girl 13 of her favorite flowers every Friday the 13th. It is a sweet gesture that will give her a smile on a day that is supposed to be really unlucky. She will love your sense of humor in this and will really appreciate the flowers.…

Ensuring You Have the Best Wedding Photos

The concept behind marriage is definitely, “until death do us part.” So, with that level of commitment, a nearly equal amount of devotion should be put into capturing that life altering moment. Wedding photography is a key reminder of the moment you signed on for a lifelong covenant. And, you will also be able to celebrate the people who attended the event. Ensuring that you have the best wedding photos you can afford, is a smart consideration prior to the “big day.”

42nd Street Photo can offer you a lot of the help you need. You can visit their Facebook page to get up to date reviews on the best cameras on the market. You can purchase equipment from them, and even get professional photography advice. This is the go to store for all your wedding photo inquiries and needs. They can probably even recommend a great photographer for the event.

Ensuring You Have the Best Wedding Photos

Typical Wedding Photo Mistakes

Beginners in this industry are certain to make mistakes. If you have hired a friend to do the photos for your wedding, that’s great, but maybe you should provide your friend with access to this article. That might help alleviate the chances of these five most common wedding photo mistakes:

  1. Inexperience– Obviously, the less experience someone has behind the camera, the more likely mistakes are to occur. That lack of experience might also mean the individual doesn’t have all the necessary equipment to properly photograph your wedding. You should direct your friend to this site to learn more about wedding photography.
  2. Poor Exposure- White dresses are the highlight of many weddings, and a mistake in the exposure can turn it into a grubby gray mess, or a bright white mass without detail. Learning all the features of the camera being used can help adjust for this common mistake.
  3. Messy Backgrounds– Professional photographers will check out the venue the day before, to scope out the best places to stage photos. Backgrounds can make or break the image. Don’t go too blah in the choices, but you don’t want too much noise either.
  4. Squinting in the Sun– Going the day before to observe the venue, will help your photographer ascertain where the sun will be when the photos are being taken. The last things you want in your wedding pictures are a bunch of people squinting in the sun. Nobody looks pretty that way.
  5. JPEG- Your photographer, if this is the beginning of her career, will make mistakes. That’s a given. Just make sure she shoots most of the images in RAW format. That will allow for flexibility when it comes to having to edit the images later. Learn more.

For more information about common wedding picture mistakes made by amateur photographers, click this.

Great Cameras for Wedding Pictures

You can get this information from 42nd Street Photo too. But, we figured we’d give you a snippet prior to the tying of the knot! Here are some great cameras for wedding pictures:

  • Canon 5D MK III
  • Nikon D750
  • Canon 70D
  • Nikon D5300
  • Nikon D7100
  • Canon 1D X Mark II
  • Nikon D5
  • Nikon D810

This list only incorporates digital SLRs because they seem to work best for portraits and wedding photography, in our opinion. Plus, knowing which cameras are considered advisable will help you decide if your friend is actually prepared to serve as your wedding photographer. Don’t cheap out on this major life event!…

In Sickness and in Health

We repeat those promises in our marital ceremonies. But, how many of us ever truly consider the possibility of our spouse getting really sick? And, if we did truly make that part of the marital consideration, were we capable of envisioning ourselves being lifelong caregivers? The truth is, more sick wives get abandoned by their husbands than sick husbands get left by their wives.

Maybe your spouse has been exhibiting some health related struggles and you’ve been spending time on You have looked at the moles on her body wondering if melanoma has developed. That lump on his calf is starting to cause you great deals of anxiety. Or, she’s been complaining that her lungs are burning and you are afraid that she might get so sick you have to care for her with no personal benefit whatsoever. It is amazing how selfish we can become when our spouses are terminally, or seriously, ill.

In Sickness and in Health

Learning to Deal with Your Spouse’s Health Maladies

Those marriage vows we mentioned earlier are generally attached to the belief that our spouse will remain healthy, for the most part, until death do us part. So, when a health malady invades our lives, we feel completely blindsided by the diagnosis. Here are some helpful means of coping with the situation:

  • The Sense of Loss– Your spouse’s illness may cause progressive changes or instant ones. Regardless of the time frame, there will be a sense of having lost the relationship that you have been accustomed to. It is quite possible that you will be angry or depressed during this experience. You might even get mad at your spouse and then feel guilty for having done so. This is all part of the grief caused by feelings of loss. Click this for more help.
  • Facing Role Changes– You probably married someone whose character traits and abilities complimented your own. Unfortunately, illnesses have a way of changing people and altering the harmonious balance you had achieved in the healthy years. You might have to take on roles you aren’t comfortable with.
  • Slammed with Uncertainty– Illnesses reveal the fact that we are truly never in control of our own lives. You are probably asking all kinds of questions about what happens next. You might even be enduring considerable financial stress due to the illness. It is normal to feel anxious and afraid at this stage.
  • Surrender the Guilt- You will certainly need to take care of, and provide for, your spouse if you intend to keep the promises you made on the day you said your vows. However, that doesn’t mean you stop taking care of yourself. Take time to enjoy your own health and don’t let that enjoyment make you feel guilty. Your spouse loves you too and wants you to live a full life while keeping your covenant agreements. Learn more.
  • Understand Your Spouse’s Emotions– Don’t be surprised if there are rollercoaster days. Your spouse will be thankful for your care while being angry that she is the one sick. This is a terrifying experience for you both, so expect the moods and emotions to swing like a pendulum.

Self-diagnosis is no reason to fall into an emotional plummet. Wait until your spouse has been seen by a doctor before assuming the worst. If the diagnosis is positive, then keep these coping suggestions in mind. Love your spouse, to death do us part, just like you said you would. Read more here.…

How Couples Can Heat Things Up At Home

Couples have great fun.  Truly, they do.  Of course all couples have some bad days and some terrible troubles to work through.  But even the hardest times are still good times when you are with someone you love.  One of the hardest challenges of being in a romantic relationship is staying hot for one another when it is winter because, let’s face it, winter is dull.  You are layered with so much clothing that is hardly sexy and working out during winter is tough which means a lot of weight gains while you try to survive the cold.  Here is how you and your wify or hubby can stay hot for one another when you are stuck in the chilliest of blizzards.

Forget troubles

The first thing you need to do is let go of troubles.  Let go of what worries you.  Let go of arguments.  If there is one person that deserves unconditional forgiving then it is your spouse because no one is without flaw and you probably make just as many mistakes as your loved one does.

How Couples Can Heat Things Up At Home

Enjoy romantic hot bubble baths!

Romantic bubble baths won’t just whisk away the winter chill.  These bubbly baths is also a great way to get to know one another better, to spend some quality time together and to get more comfortable with one another.  Most homes do not have a big enough geyser to allow you to pour a full tub of water for two people. If your geyser is too small then it is time to start looking for a tankless water heater.  These heaters are connected to your hot water tap’s water supply.  The heater heats up water as the water pours through the heater.  With a tankless water heater you can use as much water as you like and never run out of hot water because it will just continue heating and heating as long as you need.  Check out some tankless water heater reviews find the best heater for your home.

Enjoy games and light reading in front of a fireplace

Fireplaces are romantic.  They just are.  Anything you do in front of a fireplace is romantic.  You can cuddle together, read together, play games together, even playing video games next to a fire place is romantic.

Share hot chocolate

There is no drink that combines warmth and love the way a hot chocolate does.  You as a couple should share hot chocolate evenings as often as you can.

Snug underneath the same fleece blanket

Fleece blankets are super snug and super warm. They are the ultimate cuddling blankets and they are terrific for cuddling on camping trips, on a sofa, in a car, when star gazing or whatever else you may decide to do during the winter.

Invest in a good home heating solution

With a good quality home heating solution the both of you can reduce the amount of layering you need to survive winter and wear something much more appealing to the eye while at home so you can keep romance and desire alive.…

How to Know If You’re Falling for Your Best Friend

You have a best friend who has been with you through the good and the bad times. You have done a lot of things together and a lot of memories that you keep with you are spent with that one person. Suddenly, you feel something strange. You feel like you want to spend the rest of your life with that being. You can actually imagine living in one house with that individual and seeing that person when you wake up every morning. It can be a weird feeling because you never thought you would feel that way towards your best friend.

How to Know If You’re Falling for Your Best Friend

You are not exactly sure and as much as possible, you are trying to distract yourself. Perhaps you are trying to read about upholstery cleaning – click here, so that you will forget the feelings that you have towards your best friend. The more that you do not face it, the stronger your feelings would become. Here are some signs that you are falling for your best friend:

  1. Whenever you think about him, you cannot help but feel something flutter in your stomach.

This is a sign that you are feeling tingly inside. It can be worse when you are talking with your best friend. You may sometimes feel at lost about what you are trying to say even if you have already spoken to your best friend a lot of times in the past. When this happens, you cannot deny the fact that something in you has changed.

  1. You have dreams that you are going to have a future together.

You know that since you are friends, you are going to enjoy each other’s company for a long time but instead of having your own separate partners, you just imagine that it will be just you and him together forever. There may even be times when you are not daydreaming anymore, you literally dream about him at night and when you wake up, you wish that your dreams will never end.

  1. Some songs that never meant anything to you suddenly become special.

It is likely that you have started listening to slow love songs that you never actually liked. The love story that is explained through the song just gets to you or you feels that you can relate. There will be times when you cannot help but listen to those songs all over and over again but of course, you do not want your best friend to know.

  1. Your other friends will start to notice that something is different with you.

It may be because you are blooming or you are acting out of the ordinary. Your friends will start to notice that something is peculiar with you. You may become a bit more clumsy than usual or they cannot hold regular conversations with you like before.

  1. You start to pay attention to how you look whenever you are meeting up with your best friend.

If before you never really paid attention if you were still in pajamas by the time that your best friend comes, you start taking care of yourself more. You try your best to make yourself look pretty and when your best friend notices, you cannot help but blush.

If you can relate to any of the above mentioned things, then you can be sure, you are attracted to your best friend and it is likely, that you are starting to fall in love. What you will do about it will be up to you.…

How Camping Can Save Your Relationship

A successful relationship requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice.  It’s hard to make time for your relationship when both of you have a demanding job.  Add children to the pool and you can easily go an entire week and hardly speak to one another simply because there is no time.  And the little bit of time you do have for one another is usually wasted away on smartphones and in front of the TV.  It is no wonder that half of marriages end in divorce.  After all, marriage and relationships are shared with people who know one another and people who hardly know and talk to each other.  If you are noticing a problem in your relationship then it is time to give camping a try.

How Camping Can Save Your Relationship

Top benefits of camping to couples

A break from work – Work involves a lot of stress and no matter how hard you try you will never keep stress from affecting your relationship.  By camping you get a quick break from work that doesn’t cost you a fortune.

No technology – When you camp you should make a rule against technology. That way you can learn to know one another better and actually make time for communication, cuddling and just being close to one another.

Take on challenges together – Every camp has some challenges and by taking these challenges on together you learn to work together.

Find raw beauty in one another – Work and life is filled with all types of temptations and distractions.  By camping together you and your loved one can once again learn to see the beauty in one another.

Make memories – Good memories of fun times together will keep you missing one another when things get tough and the best way to make good memories is to do crazy things together.

Closeness – Camping by tent is great for couples because you are much closer to one another and there is nothing to distract you from intimacy.

Essential camping gear you need

Camping gear is getting better and better with each passing year.  On Outdoor Camping you can browse some of the latest camping essentials and read some reviews on terrific items such as backpacks, tents, lights, fishing gear and much more.  The top essentials you should be scouting for for basic camping is;

A good tent – A cabin tent is perfect for couples.  The best cabin tents are easy to set up and strong enough to keep the two of you save against natures elements such as rain, wind, cold, animals and bugs.

Lighting – A torch for each of you and a few lanterns for the tent and the camp site is a must to ensure that no one gets hurt in the dark. O, and don’t forget the candles.  Candle light dinners are great for a bit of romance.

Backpack – Get good quality backpacks and learn how to pack for camping so you can move around easily.

Sleep sacks – Sleep sacks are perfect if you are planning on a quick break that doesn’t involve hauling a heavy load of camping gear.

Cookware – You need to prepare meals in something.  Remember to take some pots, cutlery and pans that are fire resistant.…